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Jonny Bruce Band: Tribute to The Trumpet Kings

Jonny Bruce – Trumpet
Ben Waghorn – Saxophones/Clarinet
Denny Ilett – Guitar
George Cooper – Piano
Dave Guy – Bass
Matt Brown – Drums



 The Bruce/Ilett Big Band

Saxes – Ben Waghorn, James Gardiner-Bateman, Jake McMurchie, Andy Williamson, Kevin Figes
Trumpets – Jonny Bruce (Lead/Bandleader), Ben Cummings, Andy Hague, Gary Alesbrook
Trombones – Ian Bateman, Terry Kelly, Liam Treasure, Justin Pavey
Piano – Dan Moore
Bass – Dave Guy
Guitar – Denny Ilett (Bandleader)
Drums – Daisy Palmer



The Bruce/Ilett 6

Jonny Bruce – Trumpet
Craig Crofton – Tenor Saxophone
Terry Kelly – Trombone
Denny Ilett – Guitar
Dave Guy – Bass
Matt Brown – Drums



The Zen HussiesZen Hussies

Jonah Flatfoot – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Clarinet, Harmonica
Charlotte Ostafew – Baritone Sax, Vocals
Jonny Bruce – Trumpet, Vocals
Sebastian Gutiez – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Tom Allen – Double Bass, Vocals
Rhii Williams – Drums & Percussion, Vocals


Moscow Drug ClubMoscowDrugClub

Katya Gorrie – Vocals
Denny Ilett – Guitar
Mirek Salmon – Accordion
Jonny Bruce – Trumpet
Andy Crowdy – Double Bass




Dave Stapleton Quintet5

Dave Stapleton – Piano
Jonny Bruce – Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Ben Waghorn – Saxophones
Paula Gardiner – Double Bass
Elliot Bennett – Drums





Swing Machine Jazz Orchestra


Saxes – Ed Leaker, Ben Waghorn, Andy Keenan, Andy Tweed, Karen Street
Trumpets – Jonny Bruce (Lead), Andy Hague, Nick Malcolm, Robin Pengilley
Trombones – Jon Hopes, Terry Kelly, Keith Thomas, Alex Stewart
Piano – Dave Newton
Bass – Al Swainger
Guitar – Neil Burns
Drums – Mark Whitlam


The Magnificent Seven249208_10150746103305647_5254308_n

Jonny Bruce – Trumpet
Jake McMurchie – Saxophones
Savio Pacini – Trombone
Mike Willox – Piano
Will Harris – Double Bass (Arrangements)
Mark Whitlam – Drums
Lisa Cherian – Percussion


Brass Junkiesbrass-junkies-9766_s4

Jonny Bruce (Lead), Andrew Colman – Trumpets
Mat Colman – Trombone
Matt Sibley, Ruth Hammond – Saxophones
Al Stewart – Tuba
John Whitfield – Drums
Lisa Cherian – Percussion



Jonny Bruce (Lead), Joe Longridge – Trumpets
Liam Treasure – Trombone
Martin Jenkins – Piano (Composer and Bandleader)
Neil Smith – Guitar
Joe De Berker – Percussion
Lisa Cherian – Percussion
Sol Ahmed – Double Bass


Conjunto Gringoconjunto-gringo-10820_s4

Jonny Bruce (Lead), Andy Hague – Trumpets
Nick Atwood – Trombone
Ben Waghorn – Tenor Saxophone
Jim Blomfield – Piano
Thad Kelly – Bass
Mark Whitlam – Drums
Lisa Cherian – Percussion


Bruce/Salmon Duo – The Classical Projectmirekaccordion

Jonny Bruce – Trumpet
Mirek Salmon – Accordion





20th Century Foxes Caberet Show65547_472941250859_2020116_n

Gavin Lazarus, Tristan Darby – Vocals
Jonny Bruce – Trumpet
Keith Morgan – Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute
Terry Kelly – Trombone
Martin Jenkins – Piano
Duncan Kingston – Bass
Mark Whitlam – Drums